The Hawaiian Coffee Difference

Kona Coffee is the King of Hawaiian Coffee

Bad Ass Coffee prides itself as a leader in sharing a wide variety of Hawaiian coffees. While all of the Hawaiian Islands produce different varieties of coffees based on the elevation where they’re grown or their weather conditions, what they all have in common is a volcanic soil that is rich with minerals which encourage the growth of healthy coffee trees. The unique weather on the islands also produces the perfect balance of temperature, rain, sun and shade with low winds to produce coffees that are mild in taste and low in acidity.

Hawaiian coffees are most often enjoyed as 100% Single Origin coffees for their hint of bright honey and fruit flavors, brown sugar notes and even berries, but also have been known to compliment other international coffee blends for the smooth finish that they provide.

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King of the Island

Our dedication to sharing Hawaiian coffee starts with our longstanding partnerships with multi-generational Hawaiian coffee farmers. We embrace their unique practice of harvesting some of the highest quality coffee beans in the world and we take pride in offering these superior coffees to our customers through our franchise locations or through purchase online.

We’re known for bringing the very best of Hawaiian Coffees to coffee lovers everywhere, but we’re best known for being one of the few to specialize in 100% Kona Coffees – often referred to as the “King of Hawaiian Coffee”

“Grown on the mountain slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanos”


Our Coffee Origin story

The coffee plant was brought to the Kona district in 1828 by Samuel Reverend Ruggles from Brazilian cuttings. English merchant Henry Nicholas Greenwell moved to the area and established Kona coffee as a recognized brand later in the 19th century. Five generations later, Greenwell Farms is still growing coffee, as the oldest coffee farm on the Hawaiian Islands whom we’ve been proud to call our partner for over 30 years.

Kona Coffee is distinguished from coffees worldwide by the tremendous extra care taken throughout each and every step of the growing & hand-picked harvesting process that produce a one-of-a-kind coffee

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Grown on the mountain slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes, coffee from the Kona Region of Hawaii develops its signature taste from tropical sun-drenched mornings and misty afternoons. The end result is a coffee that is delicate yet flavorful, medium-bodied, slightly acidic and has a deliciously rich aroma. These excellent qualities have made Kona coffee one of the most highly valued and beloved coffees throughout the world.

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