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Bad Ass For Good - Spread the Aloha Spirit

spread the Aloha Spirit

When you’re a part of the ‘Ohana, you take care of each other – that’s what families do. And that’s why we believe that helping others within our communities as well as those who help to keep us safe and free to be our badass selves is the everyday proof of sharing the Aloha Spirit. Afterall, ‘Aloha’ means a mutual regard and affection for each other and extends warmth in caring with no obligation in return.

We’re inspired by examples of “Bad Ass For Good” that are led by our franchisees who spread the Aloha Spirit in their local communities with caring, compassion and generosity in the support of meaningful local causes. We also strive to lead by example through fund raising, donations and support of national programs that support our brave service men and women around the globe.

Embracing your community as part of your ‘ohana and doing good is pretty badass.
If you agree, join us in supporting our Bad Ass For Good programs.

Bas Ass For Good

Give a hoof, help a donkey

Our “Give a Hoof” program proudly celebrates the hard-working donkeys that inspired our name. Your purchase of select merchandise help donkeys in need like Lehua and Sandee, mahalo.

Bad Ass Coffee Cup O' Joe For a Soldier

Cup O’ Joe for a Soldier Program

No one should have to drink bad coffee – especially our brave service personnel serving overseas. The “Cup O’ Joe” program was created to ensure that hard-working US Service men and woman can enjoy a taste of the “Aloha Spirit” no matter where they’re serving. Donations to “Cup O’ Joe” go directly to the purchase of coffee while Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii covers the cost of processing and shipping that coffee.

Since the program was launched, we’ve shipped over 14,500 bags of coffee to service personnel around the world – and we continue to receive requests from soldiers that are craving their kick from Bad Ass Coffee.

Let’s support our brave soldiers worldwide! Practice Bad Ass For Good and donate today!