Bad Ass tea drinks

While coffee may be in our name, we’re as particular about our tea leaves as we are about our coffee beans. We’re stubborn about quality and committed to only serving tea products that meet our high standards for flavor. Our teas are served hot or iced.

choose from two distinct styles

Chai Latte

Our proprietary Spiced Chai was formulated especially for our customers. Rich in flavor with subtle hints of Vanilla, this delicious drink can be steamed hot or served over ice.

Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Though they may seem overshadowed by our coffees, Bad Ass Teas can absolutely hold their own with tea and coffee lovers alike for their smooth and delicate flavor. Loose Leaf Tea varieties vary by store, but may include favorites like Berry Patch, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Japanese Cherry Sakura and Mango. Served hot or iced.