frozen blended & non-coffee drinks

"mix" it up!

Hand-crafted and delicious with every sip. There’s no shortage of beverage choices beyond our Bad Ass Coffee based options on our menu.

Koffee Kooler (Frozen Blended Drink)

Talk about paradise! Our Koffee Kooler is prepared Granita style as a frozen blended treat that will delight your taste buds with a creamy wave of white chocolate and vanilla.  Blend with any one of our 24 Signature Flavors and top it off with home-made Whip Cream and start chillin!

Hot Chocolate (Cocoa or White Chocolate)

Featuring our proprietary Bad Ass Cocoa, this delicious favorite is served with steamed milk and topped with our home-made whip cream. Or try our White Chocolate instead of Cocoa…both are rich in flavor and 100% delicious.

Italian Soda

Our Italian Sodas are custom made to your taste with a delicious blend of carbonated water and the flavored syrup of your choice.


Warm up your day with the smooth texture of steamed milk and the flavored syrup of your choice for a Latte-style drink without the coffee!