coffees & espresso drinks

brewed coffees

With over 27 single origin coffees and blends to choose from, there’s always something good brewing in our stores. Every day selections include one of our Signature Blends, a Hawaiian Blend, Decaf and 100% Kona Coffee. 

Additional daily specials may vary by store.

coffee selections


100% Kona Peaberry

100% Kona American Roast

100% Kona Full City Roast

100% Kona French Roast

100% Ka’u

100% Kauai

100% Maui Mokka

100% Maui Yellow Caturra


10% Kona Blend

Hawaiian Blend

Pele’s Blend


Half Ass Decaf

Signature Decaf, Full City Roast

Decaf, Hana Bliss


Breakfast Blend

Expresso Blend

American Roast

Full City Roast

French Roast

Volcanic Roast


100% Ethiopian

100% Peruvian


Hana Bliss

Three Waves

Butter Toffee Rum

Coconut Rum

Chocolate Macnut

Cinnamon Malasada

Island Hazelnut

Karamel Kreme

Menehune Kreme

Paradise Pecan

Tropical Coconut

Vanilla Macnut

Vanilla Bourbon

Other coffee selections are made available as “Coffee of the Day” and are available for retail purchase at your local Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii store or online at

espresso drinks

All of our espresso beverages begin with our own Signature Blend Espresso beans and are hand pulled to perfection by our skilled baristas to ensure the same great flavor consistency with every shot. Our menu features a wide variety of traditional hot or iced espresso drinks with or without additional Signature flavors.

espresso drinks include

Espresso Shots (single, double and quad)


Cafe Latte/Cappuccino

Bad Ass Mocha

cold brew

Anyone can turn just any coffee into cold brew. We went one step further and created a special Hawaiian Blend just for cold brewing that delivers a rich, velvety smooth and mellow taste that is less acidic.  Our fans say it’s the best on the market.  We just say it’s Badass! Served with white ice or coffee cubes, straight or with sweeteners and flavors of your choice.